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This hub contains references and links to sites and papers of potential interest in relation to veterinary and comparative nutrition.These are generally peer-reviewed but there may also be links to discussions and clinical case studies of interest from our members’ experiences. The Board has the final decision on all postings. Although materials or links are available on our website, ESVCN and its Board do not endorse either the studies or the findings and conclusions. These are for general information only.

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2019 ESVCN Congress

Böswald, L., Dobenecker, B., Kunze, M., Gohl, C., Clauss, M., Kienzle, E. Investigations on dietary and faecal Ca/P ratios in hindgut and foregut fermenters,

2019 ESVCN Congress

Dobenecker, B., Concentrations of highly soluble phosphates in commercial pet food purchased in Germany,

ESVCN 2020 Congress

Dobenecker, B. Concentrations of total and highly soluble phosphate in commercial renal diets for cats and dogs purchased in Germany,  

2018 ESVCN Congress

Böswald, L., & Kienzle, E. (2019). Eine einfache Methode zum Ausschluss unzureichender Phosphorverdaulichkeit bei wachsenden Schweinen.

2016 ESVCN Congress

Böswald, L. F., Dobenecker, B., Clauss, M., & Kienzle, E. Faecal Ca and P excretion in mammals.